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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What we saw at the river today

A pair
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we saw many things at the river today. . .

one of which was a stray cat fight!
the last we saw (hours later) him/her, he/she was still up the tree! Stray cat up a tree!

in fact it's this cat fight that woke us all up this afternoon. they must have been fighting all day long. the 'mean' kitty is a tiger stripe big cat. they are on the other side of the rive-i have know idea how they got there or who they belong to. . .

Shallow Water
a duck or rather a Common Merganser
CHECK out more Merganser shots - even babies!
A pair - another view
those spawning fishes again -yay!
what are they? Coho? Chinook? Steelhead? I"m pretty sure it's not Steelhead, but they are the most reasonable to be 'running' right now. I lean heavily toward the Chinook just based on the mouth not having a 'prominent hook' shape.
what do you all think/know? Rain river watching with Cali and I
Cali river watching with Rain & I
Rain & Cali watching the action

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