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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The blues

The blues, originally uploaded by Hotash.

Mr. Peeps meowed at the back door yesterday afternoon- too weak to push through the kitty door.

Chris let him out. He sat on the porch for awhile then headed off.
Chris had to go back to work....Mr. Peeps did not come home last night.

I have checked his spots around the house...and under the porches...down by the river...he has taken himself somewhere else.

In the past two weeks he has continued to weaken and not eat much and I knew his time was near this past week.

I have to admit that I feel very bad about not being with him...but I can assure you that he would not have wanted to be kept indoors and he was most content doing his own was probably best I was not there to bother his death process.

He will be greatly missed as he was a very friendly, loving kitty, who always wanted to be near you on his terms. His most amazing feat was his ability to jump from a sitting position directly in front of you, to your chest and then to your shoulders without ever once scratching you. He also loved to sleep on top of you, your highest spot was his perch.

Mr. Peeps was picked - scratch that - he picked us up at the local pound. He had been living there for well over 6 months. He had been left abandoned (along with another cat who I believe had been adopted) in an apartment. He came home with us back in 2005 and he was never happier than when we moved to the country house (aside from the ride there) where he could hunt and stay outside until he wanted to come in.

We will miss his happy voice around the house.

Peace to Peeps

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The ta-da-da-da chair

The ta-da-da-da chair, originally uploaded by Hotash.

it's been with me since around the time that Volkswagon commercial aired on TV.

it was lovingly picked up off the sidewalk in downtown Lakeport, CA by
Auri's Daddy Everyone should be this happy at midnight! &
her Ukki. The size of life

It was in nice shape, a bit broke down, and an alarming maroon color but did not (unlike the commercial) stink.

When I was living alone and Rain R a i n - 300mm Portrait had to be left home alone for LONG periods of time she lovingly chewed this chair to shreds-well the arms at any rate. I love this chair - I don't know why....

It now lives in the upstairs bedroom and the dogs all take turns sleeping in it-no one chews on it anymore....

until the little evil ones 5 days old arrived.


They are systematically de-stuffing this poor chair. They proudly carry around big chunks of cotton stuffing and growl at each other.

Everyday I wake up to a huge mess of stuffing and four happy little sleeping kittens piled next to or on top of me.

They look at me and yawn in their cute little kitten way so I can not be mad.

Sweet Miss Merci May
I mean really who can be?

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Rain, originally uploaded by Hotash.

she is 9 years old...or about 57 in her years
when the flippy flopper is out you wouldn't know she is a day older than puppy....

My November

My November
My November
Originally uploaded by Hotash

I got a 2% raise in pay but..
I got a 16% increase in medical cost.
I bought some new boots
I bought some new music
I got a cute little point & click Canon for my birthday
I got re-involved
I turned 37

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My most favorite place in the house!

My most favorite place in the house!

My most favorite place in the house!
Originally uploaded by Hotash

The BEST mattress in the world! Crafted to meet your body specs-very comfortable.
Shot inspired by: myrealityphotography.

Things I CAN NOT do without...
My Flobed

We are 8

We are 8
Originally uploaded by Hotash

weeks old!!!!!!

we demand your full attention and all your love

another milestone reached.

at 8 weeks old the Thank You's are all eating a raw diet of ground fish, chicken & vegetables (hissy fit from Feed This, Inc,) mixed with water and rice cereal on occasion. They also get some yogurt here and there still. Today was the last day they got any kitten milk re-placer. By next week they will be on full raw without any problems. Asante already loves the quail ;)

They are all good about using the kitty litter box now.

We started sleeping upstairs again finally.....I missed my bed so much, the downstairs bed has nothing over my lovely FloBed!!! The first few nights I took the kitty box upstairs (it's two flights) and of course worried they would fall through the railing when playing. Turns out they have a healthy fear of the edge so all has been well. This week, no kitty box upstairs. When they wake up in the morning/day/night- so do I, and we all go downstairs for a box visit- it's working great.

The play skills they have are awesome- they run, jump, leap, roll, tumble, carry, and climb with ease. They can really follow an object well now and one of the most fun games they play is king of the scratching's second only to "try and get me out of the kleenex box" - so far Merci is the queen of the kleenex box.

Bramble sleeps with them all and she eats with them too-she has really taken to playing with them nicely.

More on Bramble later....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tea-toes kisses

Tea-toes kisses
Tea-toes kisses
Originally uploaded by Hotash

he is a HUGE kisser, they all do this but Kiitos gets right in there and really loves me up.

Today they went outside...Kittos stayed right around my lap for a long time while he watched his big brothers tear it up, Merci stayed right with Kiitos in my lap- they know it's safe there.

Bonanzle!!! with me & my daddy

"James" by Ysabella Brave