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Monday, December 31, 2007

The story of the Redbacks

The Redbacks
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It’s a long one. . .
But I’ll make it short

A good friend of mine, cerublu and I did a boot swap. I had been drooling over a pair of slip on boots for ages. I decided on a pair of Redbacks from Australia. She had wanted a new pair of Ariats, so we did the swap. Everyone is happy. I have my lovely new work boots and so does she. I’ve been wearing the Redbacks here and there when I go out. They are super comfortable and light. They keep my feet warm and dry and I like them. . .

Skip ahead with me to yesterday morning about 9am PST, mind you, I’m trying to sleep because I’m working nights now. . .I wake up to some cursing and banging around downstairs. I say “what’s wrong?”, he says “Marlee got away, and the last I saw her she bailed into the river!”
Now, if you don’t know Mean Marlee
Please read her story below

Now, back to the other story

So, I roll out of bed, looking rather cute mind you and start to look for some shoes to go help. I have many pairs laying around, but I’m looking for the right pair. I grab the Redbacks and I put one on as I’m hoping through the house. . .I hear a thundering dog running across the back porch at the same time I hear his truck tearing down the driveway. I’m running out the door, trying to get someone, anyone’s attention as I’m trying to put on the other boot. I didn’t take the time to put on socks, a very bad call as it turns out.

As I’m watching him speed down the driveway, the deaf dog Marlee races after him, dripping wet and not stopping anytime soon. I finally get the other boot on and I’m off. I meet up with him at the river crossing down the road from our house. He on one side me on the other. He says “the last I saw her, she was running northbound full tilt, and not slowing down or looking back”
I take the time to take the boots off, roll up my pj’s and I wade across the river-lucky, it’s not too high, not like the other day when some goober got stuck in the river December 2007 058

So, we end up walking forever it seems looking for her in the vineyard. I only ended up walking about 2 miles according to google earth calculations-BUT, in that 2 miles I ended up with some sweet blisters!
The big one this one on my right foot and The little one this tiny one on my left foot.

He found it rather interesting because I raved about my ‘new boots from Australia’ heeheehee.

The only good news is, after he gave up and I had made almost back home, Marlee came running down the driveway like nothing had happened at all!!!! GOOD GRIEF!!!!
Oh, and it’s a good thing I bought those other shoes (much to his dismay) from Germany or else I would be a hurtin’ unit right now.

The C160 Alpros

sigh-no heals-sigh

The moral of the story
-wear socks
-buy lots of pairs of shoes, you never know when you’ll need them (I told ya ;)
-sooner or later, they all come home

OH, and PLEASE don’t hold it against the Redbacks :) I still love ‘em

ok, I guess it was funnier in real life but alas it's my story.

Also, visit cerublu's Etsy
Have a Blister free New Year you all :)

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Anonymous said...

OK, I will try to keep this short as I am supposed to be working, AND, well, I feel like we're living parallell (sp?) lives...'cept I'm two years older than you, and allergic to cats so no cat tales to share...BUT...when the elderly Pyranees (Tank) took off the other nite, I PULLED ON MY TIVA SHORT BOOTS SANS SOX and suffered similiar results on my heel.

I love your blog :) I'm really enjoying getting to know you!!! And the rest of the crew of course too !

Biscuits all around!

Bonanzle!!! with me & my daddy

"James" by Ysabella Brave