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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Something to be THANKFUL for today

Something to be THANKFUL for today
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The baby Thank You's are 1 month old and doing just awesome.

Asante is a hound for food. He has shared some cooked pork chop with me and he loves the baby food meats. Last night I was able to get him to lick out of a dish!!!

Merci gave it the ol' college try last night and she did a good job licking baby food meat off of my finger.

Takk & Kiitos still wish that disgusting smelly food finger would get the heck out of their face!

By this weekend I will be starting Asante on his forever diet - B.A.R.F

And in other news - AKA "the best news ever" - ALL four of them are successfully using the kitty box as of today.

I have had to keep a close eye on them even though they were using the box the past 4-5 days as they would 'forget' and just find a spot when they were playing. But as of today I feel very comfortable with them using the box without my direction. They all four nursed this afternoon then played and then each took themselves to the kitty box and went.

Oh happy day!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Thank You's

Kiitos & Asante
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The babies are nearly 30 days old.

-nurse without any effort
-are starting to run/walk
-ears open and mostly upright
-eyes fully open
-middle teeth cut through (between canines)
-canine buds starting to poke through
-tails swishing
-play with each other, biting, kicking, and bear hugs galore
-hissing at things that they don't recognize

and today-I'm not kidding you....after only 2 times in the kitty litter box, they ALL are digging holes and peeing!!!!!

They are growing up so fast!!!!

Kiitos stopped his antibiotics yesterday after 10 days...and if you were wondering....I didn't put the others on antibiotics- they are all doing really, really well. They will get their 2nd round of worm medicine on the 17th- then no more meds!

I have been feeding them:

Just Born kitten milk re-placer powder
A splash of Pedialyte
Slippery Elm powder
Goat milk yogurt
1 tiny jar of 1st foods meats (finely ground meat & water)
Pinch of Vitamin B12/Folic
& Baby rice cereal

They are still nursing-it's a thicker mix now though.
Asante has been supplementing his nursing with licks of baby food off of my finger, Merci tried it, didn't like it and Takk & Kiitos would run away if they could....

Takk & Merci

Bonanzle!!! with me & my daddy

"James" by Ysabella Brave