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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What (else) will 2008 take. . .

What (else) will 2008 take. . .

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Well, 2005 took all but the tree with the arrow next to it. . .
I wonder what this 2008 storm is going to take?
Current Radar

This afternoon I tied off a new tree we planted (to the left) this summer to this tree in an effort to keep the tree at home if the river washes it out!
Well it was a pretty expensive tree :)

if this storm holds any of the punch the 2005 storm had we are in for another disaster in our county. . .

Russian River - Redwood Valley, CA
Russian River Stages

A look back at 2005
this is a shot of our tore up river & what is left of our backyard... stay tuned, another big storm is heading in tonight...

NEW! See video HERE

Join: California Floods

we set a record so yay! for us!!!
2005 Record setting rainfall

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