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Friday, November 23, 2007

My good 'bad dog' Cali

My good 'bad dog' Cali
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we went to the river today and the dogs all had a great time
the weather was fantastic, you know after it thawed out :) Reaching blue Acorn Art

rain is doing really good. it's my job to make sure she has a good amount of exercise a day and doesn't eat too much-i should start doing that for me. . .
Rain & the duck weed dark I
here is rain in the duck weed-when are we going to get some rain? why do we had duck weed in the river in november?

even marlee enjoyed the sunshine love today Sunshine on my face

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Acorns & Nutkins

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so, the nutkins are continuing to do well.
we feed them yummy avocado 2-3 times a week and carrots and other nuts here and there.

they come around, well, i believe it's just the littlest who ever comes home, but any way, they come home and get the food then head back to the bay laurel trees next door.
New homes

they bark and bark in the early morning some days and those are the days that we go put food out-they have us trained well :)

at any rate, i'm nearly officially pleased with our 'catch & release' program-it appears to have worked-they seem healthy and growing, with thick fur and the big brother never comes around us or the animals, while the littlest shows obvious recognition, he keeps his distance

we're happy
"i'm free"

since it's thanksgiving today they got a big, fresh avocado for breakfast & i'm sure they will get some pumkin pie later :0

Friday, November 16, 2007

Glass like fungi - 2 ( Mycena ) ????

any ideas/id?
i went to show chris these tonight and couldn't find them. . .
then i looked a bit harder and found that every single last one of them and been dried up by todays sunshine.

the whole little plant/fungi? was less than 4" tall and completely see through-like glass
it appears that the older they were the more upturned they became with tattered ends and distinctive black lines

i am so curious about these and have yet to be able to come close to identifying them
any help is very much appreciated.

Glass like fungi - 6 Glass like fungi - 4

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I stood and listened

I stood and listened
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the other afternoon i went for a walk. i went to find someone and i found much more.

this tree (i'm not sure what it is) made a lovely song and dance for me as it's seeds fell to the leaf bed below and then danced to the ground.

i took a few moments during this walk
i decided i'll be back

Douglas Miller
douglas miller


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Rain doggy

Rain doggy
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well, last night she made it clear that she was sick, so off to the on call vet we go.
she was in a lot of pain, panting hard, shivering harder and refused all food attempts. she was also very stiff and having much difficulty walking.
chris calls me and we decide on how to get her to town (we are both working at this point or going to work) they do some x-rays and find that she is not having a bloat issue which i was very worried about (having just read about it online - ahhhh!)
however the xrays found some 'general haziness' and some problems with her lower back vertebrate and calcium deposits on the underneath of her backbone.

i decided to go to a new vet today, and i chose a local vet, katy sommers, who is far more into a more holistic and natural care program than i'm used to with vets.

i am moving my pet family to her hospital. i feel really happy with the decision to move forward and take charge of the type of care that should be provided to my dogs & cats, but i feel i need to talk to my old vet and explain to them why we're leaving. ugh.

anyway, turns out rain dog seems to have had a bout with pancreatitis and after a couple of pain shots and some subcutaneous fluids over the past 24hrs she is well on her way to feeling better. she still is not eating, it's been 3 days now, which is by far a record for her as i have never know her to turn down food-ever.

she's drinking water and lapping at vegetable broth here and there, but otherwise will not leave my side and just tries to be comfortable. last night poor cali was all nervous each time rain would whine-it was a rough night for us all.

rain got told she needs to loose some weight and eat a lower fat diet-she's not gonna like this much. lucky for me and her, our food supplier, feed this, has a vet and a dietitian on staff and will be helping me line out a nice low fat diet for her. bottom line is she needs to loose some weight and stay out of the kibble at my mom and dad's!!!

Bonanzle!!! with me & my daddy

"James" by Ysabella Brave