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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sick cats

Poor Douina
Originally uploaded by Hotash
little douina became suddenly very painfully ill last thursday.
after a late night call to the vet, 1/2 baby aspirin later and some rescue remedy, she calms down a bit. her left front leg is limp and cold, she can't stand. . .

off to the vet we go late the next day, they do all kinds of tests, the pain is now in her left hind leg and back. . .we still know nothing, but suspect blood clot

we are waiting for the results of a heart worm test.

she seems to be doing much better some 5 days later. . .
she's such a stoic kitty though, never complains or talks much-it was hard to see her yowling in pain and trashing around-poor thing

she doesn't like to be held-so you just have to watch

so we are


then that damn jester comes in with a swollen eye, the lower lid has been scratched on the inside-i'm assuming by another cat, and more than likely, big kitty

i am vet broke so he will be dealt with at home, by me
at least this is something i'm capable of. . .even if really gross!

4 days after the incident his eye swelling completely went away and his eye is fine - thank god
i, of course, worried the whole time that i'm doing him a disservice by not taking him to the vet. . .

we'll see, it's not over quiet yet
Shaved and Waiting


Just Plain Jane said...

The responsibilities of being a pet owner! Hope all is well.

Hotash said...

hi jane
so far, so good

jester is healing up well after home remedies and douina seems to be pain free even if we have no idea at all what happened with her. . .

happy for the visit :)

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