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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Squirrel news

Mid morning snack
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the squirrels are doing well.
we see them all the time.
they are not easy to photograph though-often split as soon as they see us or the dogs

the only one i ever get a chance to photo is the littlest-he's the only one willing to acknowledge the 'squirrelly nutkin' call and he will hang out for a picture here and there.

they make regular trips across the bridge on a pretty specific schedule-everyday around 10/11am.

for the most part they stay next door in the neighbors yard and huge bayleaf trees.
the other morning they woke me up racing across the roof of the house again!!

we still put out fresh food for them a few times a week and they take it and move on. i think he looks a bit fat maybe?
Fat Man

oh, well-at least he's healthy in appearance. i see no rips or tears in his ears and no ticks either. also his coat looks thick and furry, no patches missing or obvious scratches-all good news.

they remain healthy afraid of people and dogs/cars, etc.-if they find mates this spring i will admit success :)
Heading down

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Anonymous said...

We have ONE. He's the only one in the canyon too. We named him Grendel because he is a dragon. He feasts on sunflower seeds intended for the huge bird population. We will be moving him to the Shamrock Saloon in the spring, just outside the canyon, where there is another squirrel, and where he won't be disliked by all the animals around him. I'll try to get a shot of him eating out of the SquirrelProof feeder.

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