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Sunday, September 28, 2008


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it all started yesterday...his appetite dropped off and continued to wane until he had none.

by the time we got home around 230am he refused any food and was hot. Within an hour he was showing more signs of illness.

I took his temperature - it was 102.5F - high for his age (should be 96-100F) - he had thick, sticky saliva and was just too weak to do anything.

I started him on antibiotics and tried to get a tiny bit of Pedialyte into him- no go.

By 5am I was convinced his time was very near. He could not lift/hold his head up, his breathing was forced, his lips were blue and his feet were cold.

I diluted a drop of Rescue Remedy in some cool Pedialyte and put a drop in his mouth.

He was resting with me, away from everyone else in a warm spot in the bed. I told him I was sorry and just re-assured him it was ok. I turned him from side to side every 30 minutes or so to help with his breathing- he rested quietly, too weak to cry much. I would rub down his little nose to the top of his head and he would purr, we did this until I fell asleep.

I tried to sleep...hoping the antibiotics would give him a kick start back. At the next scheduled feeding he still wasn't able to nurse well, however he rooted and tried to nurse my finger- the fluid was just too much for him.

I took a tiny dropper and put some warm Pedialyte with a few drops of milk - he took about three (very small dropper) full droppers. Then refused anymore, pushing away and crying loudly. He is going to the bathroom ok and had been eating fine, if not possibly too much (which can be a problem).

This could be many things...but whatever it is, he's fighting it.

I gave him a second dose of antibiotics this afternoon and managed to give him 1ml of subcutaneous fluids -that was hard to do!!! He has nursed and taken Pedialyte milk 3 times's 10pm and I'm here to say that Kiitos is a strong little boy- He pulled up from deaths door at 3am to crawling and nursing and over-all a bit better by 10.

...I'm exhausted to be honest...and it's time to feed and poo everyone again.

BUT, today we have hope...again.

"Where's that bottle?  I can smell it!!!"

"Oh, I think I ate too much...again!"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thank you mommy

Thank you mommy
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My mom gets off of work in the early am, after the stores open up...I'm (hopefully) sleeping and 20 minutes from town, so----

A quick call to mommy late last night - "Mom, some jerk dumped 4 kittens in a garbage can, they are about a day old....can you do me a solid and pick up some things for me in the morning and bring them by the house?"

Mom - "sure, what?"

me - KMR, new bottles (the Nutkins bottle nipples are too big an opening) and a heating pad."

mom- "ok, I'll see you when I get off of work - I hope they do ok..."

I get off of work at 2am, head home, feed the four some kitty milk, Pedialyte and a bit of karo syrup, mixed with colostrum- all eat well and pee (with stimulation) and then curl up in the nest I made in a re-usable grocery bag, two hot water bottles and my jacket.

Their squeaking draws everyone into the kitchen- Marlee is sniffing and sniffing-Rain just wonders if there will be food involved and Cali is guarding Big Kitty.

I have not introduced the kittens to the cats- I want to keep them separate for awhile to help insure their health, as well as our kitties.

They wake me up around 8am (again) and they nurse the bottle well, two took some encouragement but soon, the ears were twitching and some serious nursing was going on- all peed again and back to bed we went-with a nice new heating pad and warm water bottle.

This afternoon, I wake up with screaming kittens, poop everywhere and sunshine.
Each kitten gets a thorough scrubbing and a full belly - Asante didn't eat as well, and had hiccups....he did pee and poo though, so maybe he just has an upset tummy.
All are sleeping in the basket that Bramble no longer needs- tonight will be a long begins at 4pm

So far they are eating, pooping machines- If things keep going this way we may be ok. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and...thanking someone that it's my Friday- then 3 days off- because I'm getting no sleep!!!

The Thank YOU's

The Thank YOU's
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Kitten #1 = Takk
Light Black & Gray Tabby - Male

Kitten #2 = Kiitos
Dark Black & White tabby - Male

Kitten #3 = Asante
Black w/White stripe on belly - Male

Kitten #4 = Merci
Very light Grey & White stripped - Female

All names mean THANK YOU in different languages

ps-sex is approximate :)

All four, less than three (3) day old kittens, came to be with us around 10pm September 17th while I was working.

They were found by a co-worker (whom I've never met before tonight) in a neighboring town. She went out to put her garbage out for garbage day. When she lifted the lid to her can she found someone had dumped all four kittens in her garbage can!!!!

She drove them the 30 minutes south to me at work where I have been bringing up their temperature with warm water bottles and a fuzzy jacket. They were all very cold when I took them over. It's 3 hours later....they are warm and all 4 have nursed some Pedialyte & kitten milk. I hope it is enough, soon enough....

Only time will tell.

Welcome to the herd you four.

A great big THANK YOU to the creep who dumped these babies.
I guess you weren't counting on people who cared....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Um, now what?"

"Um, now what?"
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Bramble was climbing away on the posts....I helped her all the way up...and then down again

Today we had a tiny bit of rain. It was fun to watch Bramble hop around trying to figure out what kept hitting her everywhere she went.

Even though my wood isn't stacked and nothing is covered...I'm ready for winter.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rock my world little country girl

My 1st try
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Well, I took my hand at flower arranging.
The judging happens in the morning....

Heart w/Rose

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Baby Blackberry Bramble

Baby Blackberry Bramble
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she is getting so big!!

She is 4 months old now.
Has her new canine teeth but is still teething.

She also has a swollen lymph node on the left side (neck) and itchy ears.

After I wrangled her and wrapped her in a towel...
I took a look - she has Chiggers!!! - this is something we have dealt with in the other cats in the past. We haven't seen it in the past year, but maybe this year they are out and about again.

Temperature: 101.2 / = normal = good news

Bramble has been going on evening adventures with the other cats so who knows what else she'll bring home!!!

I hope this is all we are dealing with....

On top of More Mr. Peeps latest lab results... we could all due with NO MORE pet issues!!! for awhile at least....
"are you looking at me?"

Bonanzle!!! with me & my daddy

"James" by Ysabella Brave