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Monday, January 21, 2008

Coyote Moon

Coyote Moon
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this is what greeted me early this morning when i woke for bathroom visit

nearly every night at least once a night we hear a small group of coyotes in the vineyard to the west of us across the river. they are so amazing to listen to -the dogs and cats all have a natural fear of them it seems. we have yet to see a coyote but i can assure you they are nearby :)
i'm curious about how many are living near and if the gathering yelp/barks/yips are a sign of kill or if it's a sign of gathering to commence on a hunt. . .
sometimes we hear them two times a night-i'm leaning toward a gathering call-once around early nightfall and once again around early morning

it's nice to open the upstairs door and listen to them right across the river-everyone is silent at the house while they do their thing. . .

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Anonymous said...

Coyotes are so cool!
I like 'em...the first time I heard them (just after moving to WYO) I totally freaked out! It sounded like they were just over the hill...and eerie!
Daisy, the Hard Rock Ranch German Shepard is perfecting her yodeling skills...she can now hit their pitch and has the breath support to successfully keep up with them...she even trails off at the end in unison with her Coyote Cousins. It makes me giggle...even when she does it at 3am, which is when she usually tunes up :)
Hiking in back, we find evidence of coyote kills (I do not pick up the poop and identify it as canine rather than feline, but others do) and man...they eat it all...


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