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Sunday, August 31, 2008


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A drive to the coast with a dear friend today...should bring lots of fun photos and more talk than any dude could ever take!

Monday, August 25, 2008

and the winners are...

and the winners are...

Silver bows = 1st place
Rainbow hearts = 1st & Best of show
Red bows = 2nd & 3rd


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and the winners are..., originally uploaded by Hotash.

Monday, August 18, 2008


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That was the diagnosis on 8.13.08

BUN = 114 - normal range 15-34mg

Creatinine = 6.1 - normal range .8-2.3mg

Phosphorus = 10.2 - normal range 3.0-7.0mg

I took him to the vet because he has a tooth that has heavy tartar build up...I thought this may be why he was not eating as well the past few weeks. He is always sleeping and he has been slowing loosing weight....

We have started subcutaneous fluids at home, once a day he is giving 150ml, they are absorbed within an hour or two so he really does need the extra fluids. He takes this treatment really well considering. Today we did the treatment in the backyard where he was enjoying the warm sunshine after a very cool, overcast morning.

His health is overall really good in outward appearances. The vet thought he was only around 10yrs old, when in fact he is around 15-17years old.

I am slowly trying to figure out a diet that is low in protein but mostly low in phosphorus. His appetite is quite low...

He is currently eating his normal foods, just less and I have added canned pumpkin with salmon oil and 3 drops of Zeolites

Mr Peeps

My job is to make his trip out as comfortable as possible.

Bonanzle!!! with me & my daddy

"James" by Ysabella Brave