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Monday, January 21, 2008

'Bitchy' Kitty

'bitchy kitty'
Originally uploaded by Hotash

What can I say

She is a Siamese if I ever met one! Very, very vocal – always demanding everyone’s attention.

Her newest nick name
She gritched all the way to and from the river
I don't know why she even goes!
It utterly annoys her that we go to the river

She has a keen sense of fear it seems.

She meows and meows and will attack your legs if you (or a dog) gets too close to the river

She also does this when I set the smoke alarm off in the house. She is the only cat who will not leave the house. Instead she screeches at us and attacks our legs until we make it stop.

She is a really strange kitty.
Wants loving and then bites the crap out of you-lucky she usually gives you warning so you have an opportunity-but sometimes there is no warning.

ALL the dogs steer clear of her at all times
I’m certain jester has her to thank for his recent eye problem (that is finally starting to heal up after a bit of infection and a lot of work)
Blue-eyed Anger

Just chillin'
Big Kitty - Female
Born late 2002
Came to live with us around Christmas 2002

Big Kitty couldn't stay at the local homeless shelter with her family so she came to live with us (the first cat & queen of everything).

She is everywhere we are. . . Big Kitty & to think we thought the dogs were digging holes in the yard!! Digging holes-can you believe that? Digging holes!

Bottom line. . .
Big Kitty is easily pissed off~but we love her :)

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