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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here they are...

Here they are...

Here they are..., originally uploaded by Hotash.

Well after putting it off until the last possible day...mostly, I have my pics picked and ready to go to the fair tomorrow.

It's been two years since I entered any shots into the fair.
I'm excited.
It's always fun...

Not to mention it means vacation is just around the corner for more week!

Here are my 2006 winners :-)
The 2006 Winners

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bramble vs. The Pond

The sand pit, originally uploaded by Hotash.

Baby Bramble is pushing eight weeks old now...just barely old enough to wean from mom. In the meantime Chris and I have been playing parents, well the other cats and dogs are helping a lot too.

So the story starts back about three weeks ago, shortly after Bramble came to live with us. I go to the river with Chris' niece and take the dogs and carry Bramble down. The river is shallow and barely flowing everyone is having fun. Bramble is playing along the shore in an open space when all of a sudden a tiny rock is tossed down river....Cali and Rain race after it.
Happy, happy, joy joy

This triggers Bramble's "freak out' mode and she flees in the most open direction she can....straight out into the river! As the river deepens around her, reaches her tummy, then finally under her chin...she freezes in mid-motion, one front foot hovering over the water, the other three firmly planted. She quietly waits in this position to be rescued. So, she has all four feet good and wet, her belly is wet and her chin has some water on it, but she is safe-phew!

Some parents we are...there is a theme here.

So, along comes the afternoon the other day...all of us are in the garden, dogs, cats, and all- doing some sitting around and watering. Bramble is playing, hunting, and otherwise annoying everything, and I mean everything that moves....when along comes a bumble bee

Antenna work

I'm watering at this point, Chris is watching Bramble chase the bee, she does a fantastical back flip jump and lands on her side near the edge of the pond....gets up, shakes off and WOW! there's that bee!!! She leaps straight away at the buzzing thing...right into the pond!

She sinks...Chris takes off running, she surfaces fighting and scrambling, arms flailing around, just as Chris is reaching the pond, she pulls herself out the other side. She is soaked, for reals soaked. She is so heavy with water she can only slowly waddle away from the evil pit of darkness.

I catch up with her under the truck - She comes to me and I dry her off with a towel where she just laid there and was in bliss to be held and dried about the body. She promptly fell asleep under the garden chair- exhausted!

Chris says "well, at least we know she can get out on her own."
Then we all had a huge laugh as this is the stuff cartoons are made of...

She is currently hassling Cali for a sleeping spot very near her tail- you know in case it moves again. Cali is the only one who will put up with her long enough for her to calm to sleep.
Cali has grown something on her butt

And of course the cutest video ever...
Bramble as a turtle

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Howl at the SUN

Howl at the SUN, originally uploaded by Hotash.

The dry lightning fires that began on June 20th are slowly coming under control in Mendocino County.
Thunder & Lightning

Reports from:
June 23, 2008 5:30 pm
Mendicino Unit: Approx. 131 fires have been reported, buring more than 8,900 acres. Incident Command Team #4 has been assigned to this complex. The Orr Fire is 200 acres and has evacuations of the Orr Springs Resort and 50 homes in the area, the Navarro Fire is 1,400 acres and 5% contained, the Cherry fire is 50 acres and 50% contained, the Foster Fire is 50 acres and 50% contained, the Table Mtn. Fire is 1,000 acres and 5% contained, the Mallo Pass Fire is 800 acres, and the Juan Creek fires (2) are at 100 acres each. There are 8 additional fires at 30 acres each. The Mendocino Fire Information Number is (707) 972-3846.

July 3, 2008, 11:00 am
Mendocino Lightning Complex Incident Information:
Last Updated:

Date/Time Started: June 20, 2008, 6:00 pm
Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE Mendocino Unit
County: Mendocino County
Location: Throughout Mendocino County
Acres Burned: 37,970
Containment: 40% contained
Structures Threatened: 680 residence, 1 commerical
Structures Destroyed: 2 residence
Injuries: 15

Evacuation “Warnings” remain in effect for:

• Community of Rockport
• Montgomery Woods/ Orr Springs Road to Running Springs Road
• Red Mountain Road - From the intersection of Red Mountain Road and Bell Springs Road to 13600 Red Mountain Road.
Bell Springs Road – From Hwy 101 to the intersection of Red Mountain Road.
and Bell Springs Road.
• The Community of Cummings
• Town of Leggett
• De Haven Creek and Howard Creek drainage, North of Westport.

Evacuation Centers:
(Placed on Standby)

Fort Bragg
Fort Bragg High School, 300 Dana Street, Fort Bragg.
Phone number: 707-813-0345.

Willits High School
299 North Main Street, Willits
Phone number: 707-486-8674.

Animal Evacuations:
Redwood Empire Fairgrounds, Ukiah
Phone number: 707-972-8340

Albion Headlands, Albion

Mendocino Animal Care Shelter, Ukiah
Cause: Lightning
Cooperating Agencies: CAL FIRE, Marin County, CDCR, CHP, CCC, Mendocino County Sherif, all local government FPD in Mendocino County, and State OES, BLM, BIA, NWS, private timber companies and consulting foresters/representatives.
Total Fire Personnel: 1,661 (994 CAL FIRE)
Fire crews: 33
Engines: 137
Helicopters 15
Dozers: 50
Water tenders: 60
Costs to date: $13.6 million

The Mendocino Lightning Complex currently consists of 123 fires burning in Mendocino County. There are currently 40 active fires.

GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping operations are being conducted throughout
Mendocino County. Residents may see low flying rotary aircraft for the purposes of
mapping fire perimeters.

Fixed wing and rotary aircraft continue to operate on the fires.

The Governor has declared Mendocino County a State of Emergency due to redwood timber loss and significant threat to life, residential, commercial and resource loss.

Road Closure:
There is the possibility of temporary road restrictions during planned fire operations in the Red Mountain Road, Bell Springs Road, and Blue Rock area,
approximately eight miles north of Laytonville.
No Thru Traffic

CAL FIRE Incident Command Team #4 is assigned to this incident.

Phone Numbers:

707-467-6426 (Mendocino Lightning Series Fire Information)

All fire info found here
Engine 6472 - Orr Fire

Breaking news
By ROB BURGESS The Daily Journal
Article Last Updated: 06/22/2008 07:51:03 PM PDT

Fires still burn across the county

As it rose over the eastern hills Sunday, the rising sun revealed the day-old haze covering the Ukiah Valley still held a tight grip over the county, as firefighters worked frantically to get a handle on the hundreds of fires raging across Northern California.

As Sunday evening progressed Cal Fire spokeswoman Tracy Boudreaux said they were still fighting some 90 fires in Mendocino County with some 60 of them unstaffed as yet.

The fires had by Sunday evening consumed some 3,800 acres.

Mandatory evacuations were issued in the areas of Running Springs Road, Flynn Creek and the Cherry Creek subdivision along Highway 162 in the north county.

Orr Fire, directly above Orr Hot Springs
Orr Fire, directly above Orr Hot Springs

"The smoke coming from these fires can be seen as far as Sonoma County," stated Tracy Boudreaux, Cal Fire information officer, in a release issued late Saturday night. "Firefighters continue to battle fires with the greatest threat to homes and property. Cal Fire has recieved well over 100 reports of fires in Mendocino County from lightning that occured over the past 24 hours. These fires are mostly in remote areas of the county with very little threat to communities. Homeowners who feel an immediate threat to their safety should use their best judgement and not wait to be told to evacuate."

For the rest of the article click
The Associated Press contributed to this story.
Rob Burgess can be reached at




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