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Friday, November 06, 2009

My God Mydaus, did you have to invite her?????

This is the biggest feral cat!!!

He weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds of super bad ass MEAN!!!!

He got 'em whacked off today and the vet said a few funny things but they also said 'he's been around, broken canine but healthy...."

His size explains the size of the kittens we pulled out of this colony this year - they are teens and look like adults!

This was a rather eventful trapping

I set two traps, you know, two is better than one right?

Anyway, I check them around 2 hours later and we have a female that we have already trapped - she was pretty humble and split when I let her out.

I reset her trap and went about my business. A few hours later I head to pull the traps - it's 1:30am....

I am so excited that I'm having a party by myself when I pull up and see him in the trap - he was the goal.

So excited in fact that I start to move his trap and remember to look to my right and check the other trap....

I have a SKUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My fist skunk and I am not ready to deal with this...or prepared.

I decide to move Mydaus (he didn't have a name at this time) and think on how to get this skunk out of the trap.

I end up using a piece of plywood (1/4 sheet or so) as a make shift shield and I ask the cute little skunk to please don't spray me, please don't spray me, please don't spay me....and she just watches me, showing a tiny bit of fear but no aggression.

I am able to place the wood between the cage opening and me and unlatch the cage and gently lift the escape door and back away slowly....

She moves out slowly and then disappears into the bushes - stink and all.

I am so relieved and I must admit I was scared - truly

But the joy of catching Mydaus....

That'll do
That'll do

I can still smell that skunky

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Folds

The Folds, originally uploaded by Hotash.

3 months old

these cats are dense little bundles of YAY!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Because I can't bare to take a photo of where she is now...

For a cat that is as vocal and as aggressive as Big Kitty, one must wonder why she can not climb down from trees.

This is the 2nd time she has done this

The 1st was a couple of years ago, during a rainy period, she ends up in a tree, won't move forward or backward. Not so high that we couldn't reach her with a hose - the fall was not pretty, but she was unscathed

Right now, Big Kitty, all 7 years of her bad self, is seriously stuck up a 50+ ft tree, in the very top, hanging over a huge crevasse - putting her a good 100ft above ground

It also happens to have been extremely hot the past few days -

She has been stuck in the tree for 5 days (as of today) and 5 nights, no water, no food, over 100F....

Nothing (I have tried) will bring her down

I have calls in to a tree guy....don't think he can reach her where she is

I am left with nothing to do but wait...and it's horrible

This picture is the epitome of Big Kitty:
She was walking out onto an unstable branch, hanging over the rivers edge, after a huge flood.

I said "Big Kitty..." and before I could even get out the rest "be careful" she turns around and bitches me out.

I have no doubt she is uninjured
I know this cat, I know she will not come down (alive) on her own
I will eat my words (happily) if she does

I'm doing what I can
But figure a bit of virtual encouragement couldn't hurt her....

Big Key-Key
come down
I have tuna
& you have many more years ahead of you.....

Day 5
Tree climber to be here after 7pm tonight
Sub-Q fluids on hand
Big Kitty limply hanging in crook of tree.......

I try calmness

for all you who think that all cats come down....they don't
my vet (their own cat) had one up a tree for 15, that is right, 15 days before he became to weak, dehydrated to hang on....he has lived to tell the story though.

So, maybe, just maybe.....

Later that night....


You just won't believe this story....

A tree climber, never met him before tonight, recommended by my vet, came to our house tonight around 8pm.

Now some of you may be saying "but it's dark at 8pm where you are" and you would be right. He assured me he knew what he was doing....

He carefully, after nearly falling into the crevasse, climbed the tree. All the way up to the swaying in the heavy wind that showed up today, top. I had made a 'tuna rag' for him to carry up, he instead rubbed it all over his gloves. She was meowing her head off at him all the way up.

He calmly sat in the area of her for a few minutes letting her sniff his gloves and talking to her.

Oh yeah, I was holding a flashlight from the ground, an awesome flashlight that The Man bought me for Christmas (I love this light) - that's all the light he had.

He was so far up we had to raise our voices to talk to each other - the whole time I'm hoping all goes well....

It did.

He gets a hold of her and she doesn't fight back at all.
He scoots down the tree and hands her off to me.
I take her and put her in a carrier, hug the guy I have never met, pay him a pittance and head back to the house to check on Big Kitty.

She is amazingly fine, dehydrated, but not to the point of illness.
I give her some Sub-Q fluids, she sat in my lap and purred (not normal) and then I had to head to work. She is safe at home, in her own room with a huge bowl of water.

I will re-evaluate her condition in the morning.

I am utterly amazed at her condition after 5 days of hanging in a tree top in 100F+ temps - amazing

As I knew, she is not injured
& she made no attempt, ever, to come down on her own - only to cry out for help.

I will tell you one thing
If this happens to you, find a 'tree guy' they have this love of climbing, truly
These are the guys who will help you

Special thanks to my caring vets office, Yokayo Vet Center, for going above and beyond and putting me in contact with 'their tree guy' - many of you may remember my little 'cheating on my vet' incident when I went to another vet and found out rather quickly that I was wrong....

I did not get a new photo of her tonight, but I will in later today
To show you how she looks just fine!


This is her cattidude about it all - seriously
Her complete disregard for...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Back in January....

Back in January...., originally uploaded by Hotash.

I wrote a note
I wrapped it in plastic
I then twist tied it onto Jester's old collar
and put it on him

I did this because for well over a year Jester had been gaining weight - even though he never ate our house. One might find this odd. Even odder, he started being gone during the day - always returning at night to sleep in bed.

He would be gone overnight
For a day, & a night
A few days at a time

always coming home, never hurt, just fatter

Now, it's only fair to tell you that Jester never cared a big hoot about The Thank You's - they rather annoyed him and his peaceful fatness- always wanting to play or be close to him.

By April his utter dislike and total disregard for my foster work became apparent.
He would be gone for days-weeks at a time, only coming by to say hi and then off again, always coming when called, and always from the same way.

The note, was simple and just let the 'other one' know that when he was gone, he was safe at home and not to worry like I did. Needless to say, after a week or two with the note on, it had still not been read. I took the collar off and wished Jester well.

By May Jester quit coming home
I quit calling him
I miss him

In June, he came home early one morning when I arrived home from work, only to say hi, then leave again

Both Chris and I have seen him in the neighborhood but he has nothing to do with either of us or our dastardly new kitten bringing home ways.

I have no sense that he is anything but fine, happy & fine

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

We Folds 3

We Folds 3
We Folds 3, originally uploaded by Hotash.

The 3 newest members of the 'foster' program at our place

They are all so darn cute!!!
Woody, the brown tabby, has weaseled his way into my heart....
J-Lo is a loving, playful little gal who boldly goes where ever she wants to :)

Bryan, he likes to be his own man - both he and Woody have HUGE paws - I wonder how big they will grow to be?

More on the breed

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rescue work continues....

Woody, originally uploaded by Hotash.

Middle brother, Woody

3 tiny kittens dumped on the side of the road in 100F weather....

Gotta love people

These 3 were so covered in fleas that they appeared to be bleeding when I gave them a bath!!!!

Welcome home little ones, until you find your forever home, enjoy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

89 Chief/ADOPTED

89 Chief/ADOPTED
Originally uploaded by MendocinoAnimalCare

Chief got a new home
We hope to get news back on how he is adjusting to a purr-fect cats life :)

Chief is such a nice boy, he loves to cuddle and loves a lap

For Inland adoption information call 707-467-6453
(Ukiah, Redwood Valley, Willits, Covelo, etc)

Ukiah ShelterVisit us Today online!
298 Plant Road
Ukiah, CA 95482

89 Chief & 11 Freida hanging out in the Colony room

89 Chief

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, originally uploaded by Hotash.

the babies are 6 months old!!!!


Meet Coaly

Meet Coaly
Originally uploaded by Hotash

Coaly has been with us since early November 2008

What a LOVE bug!!!!

She loves to be rubbed with vigor, scratched behind the ears & petted all the way down her body.

Her left eye has a bit of a blocked tear duct - Dr. says she is fine, not contagious and will be good as new in no time.

If you want a lovely, happy kitty pal - we are sure Coaly would fill that spot (& your lap :)

For more information on Coaly or to adopt Coaly - Please contact - 707 467-6453

To see our other cats & dogs at the at the Ukiah ShelterVisit us Today online!
298 Plant Road
Ukiah, CA 95482

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Oh, looky Kiitos is famous :)

Oh, looky Kiitos is famous :), originally uploaded by Hotash.

A photo of Kiitos that Feed This, Inc worked about into this awesome fun treat label :)

Thanks to the girls at Feed This, Inc
Thank you for using our lovely funny boy

The original

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A day in the life of Marlee

A day in the life of Marlee, originally uploaded by Hotash.

I am so angry with Marlee and was so sick to my stomach early this morning....

Literally sick to my stomach with fear and anger after Marlee attacked Asante on the back porch for no reason other than he was near her, her bed maybe???? you just never know with her.

I didn't realize just how deeply I would be affected by the mere thought of something happening to these guys....

I pulled her off of him, fearing the absolute worst ever....once he saw a free path he split, bushy tail and all into the dark morning (it's 4am)

I march Marlee into the house and toss her unceremoniously into her indoor kennel - these are the times you really wish she could hear you- I can't yell, which I would love to do, or it just freaks everyone else out.

I'm alone, can't find a flashlight to save my soul....I call Asante and he won't come, I'm trying to remain calm in my voice. I head out to the darkest side of the house where I last saw him bolt.

Rain and Cali run around to meet me and Asante takes them for another attack and races lickity-split up to the top of a tree!!! Now what???? He isn't budging, the little light I have can't tell me if he's bleeding or hurt and I can't believe I feel like I'm going to pass out from the mix of emotions, fear, anger....

I sit down and just wait - ok, I yelled at poor Rain and Cali first and made them go inside too. After about 15 minutes I coax him down and he lets me carry him inside.

I take him into the bathroom and we close the door. He is beyond frightened - flattening at every sound and shaking - I sit down and he walks around, he's not limping, I don't see any obvious blood.

He finally plops down and just lays on his side and sighs, starts licking himself and lets me touch him all about the body- shocking!!! he doesn't appear to have any outward wounds or injuries at all - if you would have seen/heard it you would be certain he was dead- no lie.

He was still just freaked out - understandably of course. I gave him a good look over and a tiny drop of Rescue Remedy and called The Man.

Marlee will have to start staying in her outdoor kennel again and be back on a leash at all times - she can not be trusted to not react like this again - I can't have this on my watch.

This is now the 2nd cat she has attacked, Big Kitty fueled her hatred toward cats by always attacking her so I can hardly blame Marlee but good God!

When we went to bed this morning Asante came directly with me, he laid down and fell fast asleep. Cali put herself on the bed and Asante woke up and almost had a heart attack! He calmed right down when he saw who it was though - these cats are smart, they know the difference between nice and mean - Kiitos already hisses and hides from Marlee but not the other two, so he obviously had a run in with her that I was not privy to.


Marlee is damn lucky to be living with us..... I don't know many other people who will tolerate this behavior - it's so very difficult to live with, but she does deserve life - I just wish it could be more peaceful for us all...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I would like to introduce to you...

I would like to introduce to you...
Originally uploaded by Hotash

...the act you've know for the past few months...the one and only - The THANK YOUS!!!

@ 20 weeks and counting

They are all very curious and cautious of the great outdoors.
Kiitos is the most fierce of them all - he will stand his ground, yet is the 1st to get lost and howl at the top of his little kitty lungs for one of us to come rescue him.

One of the things that is most obvious these past few months is just how much their physical appearances are changing.

Kiitos has a huge fluffy tail and a dirty orange spot on his cheek.
Takk's black stripes on his nose have split in two and are receding.
Merci has the most beautiful peach color blush on chin and belly.
Asante, well he's just perfect- ask him.

I don't know what these guys are going to do come summer - they play so hard in the winter sun that they work up a pant!


Receding, originally uploaded by Hotash.

yesterday (left) & today (right)
I plan on a shot a day until the river drops to normal.
This is not high water by any means...but it is good :)


the 2005 flood
Day 1 (mostly) December 30, 2005
those big trees in the middle...they are gone due to that flood

Day three
(photo coming)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dog beds & hairballs - it should make you laugh

it was just that kinda day

i'm home, sick with a massive head cold and a lot of cats, oh, and a camera.

don't mind the HUGE hairballs

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Legion of Plague

Legion of Plague
Willits, CA
Feb. 13th, 2009

one of the guitar players is my best friend's son.

the group of 16, - 20 year olds rocked the community center with a head banging, guitar shredding, set of tunes that sent their fans into hysterics - AKA they rocked the house

Legion of Plague - Feb 13th 2009 - Willits, CA
See more

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome to my

Blue Lapis heart II, originally uploaded by Hotash.

my OpalineRays ( that I decided to start in memory of my late grandma, Opaline & inspired by my mommy , daddy , & baby brother

Just check out a couple of his pieces that he has made for me or found & given to me.

My daddy has always been a 'collector', well, for that matter so has my mommy.

I am having a blast making things - it's a nice calming outlet that I can combine with my love of photography.

I will be posting some images that I just love, or images that I need to make online orders with (cards, etc.)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated -
This is not a sales pitch - just an addition to my life :)

You can find more over at

Saturday, January 03, 2009

After dinner treat

After dinner treat
After dinner treat, originally uploaded by Hotash.

thanks to Bramble

for those of you brave enough...

!st kitty to enjoy (graphic video) was Asante
then (another graphic video) Kiitos
& lastly (the last graphic video), Merci

To date, Mr. Taak remains uninterested in these gifts from Bramble.

More on the story:

she is a momma cat at heart.

Today, after playing with the kittens she quietly disappeared only to re-appear shortly with a fresh bird.

Which, she promptly dropped in front of Asante.
He hooked onto his new found 'play toy' and hissed & growled while she sat and then later laid down near him, watching.

Asante grew tired of the game and little Kiitos was soon on board - only not playing. He ate his fill, guarding it the whole time.

A bit later, May-May (Merci) was finishing up the bits that were left behind.

Some of you will remember that Bramble fed Mr. Peeps her mouse (well I did) - but what even I didn't know is just how purposeful her actions are.

On Saturday evening Bramble brought in a mouse and dropped it in her box - directly in front of Asante. She made no effort to retrieve it or stop him from taking it over.

Today I watched her give her bird to baby Asante and then I watched her calmly watch him explore the catch.

She is a hunting momma kitty - all "growed" [sic] up from her bad little self that my brother found in May.

Bonanzle!!! with me & my daddy

"James" by Ysabella Brave