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Thursday, February 26, 2009

A day in the life of Marlee

A day in the life of Marlee, originally uploaded by Hotash.

I am so angry with Marlee and was so sick to my stomach early this morning....

Literally sick to my stomach with fear and anger after Marlee attacked Asante on the back porch for no reason other than he was near her, her bed maybe???? you just never know with her.

I didn't realize just how deeply I would be affected by the mere thought of something happening to these guys....

I pulled her off of him, fearing the absolute worst ever....once he saw a free path he split, bushy tail and all into the dark morning (it's 4am)

I march Marlee into the house and toss her unceremoniously into her indoor kennel - these are the times you really wish she could hear you- I can't yell, which I would love to do, or it just freaks everyone else out.

I'm alone, can't find a flashlight to save my soul....I call Asante and he won't come, I'm trying to remain calm in my voice. I head out to the darkest side of the house where I last saw him bolt.

Rain and Cali run around to meet me and Asante takes them for another attack and races lickity-split up to the top of a tree!!! Now what???? He isn't budging, the little light I have can't tell me if he's bleeding or hurt and I can't believe I feel like I'm going to pass out from the mix of emotions, fear, anger....

I sit down and just wait - ok, I yelled at poor Rain and Cali first and made them go inside too. After about 15 minutes I coax him down and he lets me carry him inside.

I take him into the bathroom and we close the door. He is beyond frightened - flattening at every sound and shaking - I sit down and he walks around, he's not limping, I don't see any obvious blood.

He finally plops down and just lays on his side and sighs, starts licking himself and lets me touch him all about the body- shocking!!! he doesn't appear to have any outward wounds or injuries at all - if you would have seen/heard it you would be certain he was dead- no lie.

He was still just freaked out - understandably of course. I gave him a good look over and a tiny drop of Rescue Remedy and called The Man.

Marlee will have to start staying in her outdoor kennel again and be back on a leash at all times - she can not be trusted to not react like this again - I can't have this on my watch.

This is now the 2nd cat she has attacked, Big Kitty fueled her hatred toward cats by always attacking her so I can hardly blame Marlee but good God!

When we went to bed this morning Asante came directly with me, he laid down and fell fast asleep. Cali put herself on the bed and Asante woke up and almost had a heart attack! He calmed right down when he saw who it was though - these cats are smart, they know the difference between nice and mean - Kiitos already hisses and hides from Marlee but not the other two, so he obviously had a run in with her that I was not privy to.


Marlee is damn lucky to be living with us..... I don't know many other people who will tolerate this behavior - it's so very difficult to live with, but she does deserve life - I just wish it could be more peaceful for us all...


Jamie said...

Any changes with Marlee in the last several months? We had an aussie who would attack other dogs for almost no reason. (at least none that we ever knew of) However, she never went after cats and actually enjoyed their company. No matter how many fights she started or how many wounds she caused, she will always have the most prestigious part of my animal heart. I actually found your blog on accident. I was looking up information on rashes (I have psorasis) and Marlee's picture kept coming up over and over. Finally I said enough is enough, I have to know what is up with this dog. Which lead me to your flickr account and now to hear. :)

Hotash said...

Things have gotten worse

I will have to take responsibility for part of the problems based on what I know about dogs and possessive behavior

Marlee has had no incidents with the cats or dogs in many months now, but this has much to do with diligent attention to her space and theirs

What this means though is that Marlee is separated from the 'family' nearly all of the time

It went from bad to worse just last week

Marlee, after days and days of being in the field with our chickens and not bothering them or paying any attention for that matter - for no apparent reason chased, attacked and killed one

What I imagine happened is (as I know her to do this) that chicken 'invaded' her space somehow - I was not here to see it happen, however my husband was

When Marlee attacks another animal it is with a blind rage that you can not interrupt no matter what you do....

Now combine this with the fact that she had been staying in our backyard and had become HUGELY possessive of that space, even cornering a family member with her aggressive posturing, and the fact that I startled her on accident one day and she 'came at me' until she realized it was only me with an arm load of stuff- this all spells trouble just waiting to happen

I honestly don't know what is best for Marlee

Seeing as how this behavior occurred with each foster home she had ever had and now in a permanent home - I can't see how re-homing is an option

I'm at my wits end
Marlee is now kenneled in her large kennel that we used when she first came to live with us - she has only supervised and separate outings for now

I have learned that I do not have the skills to deal with an over aggressive dog or the household make-up for that matter - I do wonder what her life would be like as a single dog? Would her aggression lessen or increase toward the next threat? Humans?

Marlee has a place with us, but it certainly doesn't feel like a home for her - and for that I feel terrible for Marlee

I appreciate your time in asking about her

You are the first person I have told about this (online) and it feels good to admit the facts surrounding her today

I admit I did think the worst option and could not bring myself to follow through

So for her own safety and that of others she will remain separated from the other animals and people - I will not risk others

I hope you find some relief for Psoriasis - skin conditions can be so allusive and difficult to deal with to satisfaction

As for Marlee's skin - all is well (mostly) since she is on the Thyroid medications

During certain parts of the year, summer, she tends to 'rash up' a bit and I wonder if she does have a bit of allergic reaction to dry grasses

So, today, we keep on keeping
Again, thanks for asking & take care

Bonanzle!!! with me & my daddy

"James" by Ysabella Brave