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Monday, September 21, 2009

Back in January....

Back in January...., originally uploaded by Hotash.

I wrote a note
I wrapped it in plastic
I then twist tied it onto Jester's old collar
and put it on him

I did this because for well over a year Jester had been gaining weight - even though he never ate our house. One might find this odd. Even odder, he started being gone during the day - always returning at night to sleep in bed.

He would be gone overnight
For a day, & a night
A few days at a time

always coming home, never hurt, just fatter

Now, it's only fair to tell you that Jester never cared a big hoot about The Thank You's - they rather annoyed him and his peaceful fatness- always wanting to play or be close to him.

By April his utter dislike and total disregard for my foster work became apparent.
He would be gone for days-weeks at a time, only coming by to say hi and then off again, always coming when called, and always from the same way.

The note, was simple and just let the 'other one' know that when he was gone, he was safe at home and not to worry like I did. Needless to say, after a week or two with the note on, it had still not been read. I took the collar off and wished Jester well.

By May Jester quit coming home
I quit calling him
I miss him

In June, he came home early one morning when I arrived home from work, only to say hi, then leave again

Both Chris and I have seen him in the neighborhood but he has nothing to do with either of us or our dastardly new kitten bringing home ways.

I have no sense that he is anything but fine, happy & fine

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