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Saturday, January 03, 2009

After dinner treat

After dinner treat
After dinner treat, originally uploaded by Hotash.

thanks to Bramble

for those of you brave enough...

!st kitty to enjoy (graphic video) was Asante
then (another graphic video) Kiitos
& lastly (the last graphic video), Merci

To date, Mr. Taak remains uninterested in these gifts from Bramble.

More on the story:

she is a momma cat at heart.

Today, after playing with the kittens she quietly disappeared only to re-appear shortly with a fresh bird.

Which, she promptly dropped in front of Asante.
He hooked onto his new found 'play toy' and hissed & growled while she sat and then later laid down near him, watching.

Asante grew tired of the game and little Kiitos was soon on board - only not playing. He ate his fill, guarding it the whole time.

A bit later, May-May (Merci) was finishing up the bits that were left behind.

Some of you will remember that Bramble fed Mr. Peeps her mouse (well I did) - but what even I didn't know is just how purposeful her actions are.

On Saturday evening Bramble brought in a mouse and dropped it in her box - directly in front of Asante. She made no effort to retrieve it or stop him from taking it over.

Today I watched her give her bird to baby Asante and then I watched her calmly watch him explore the catch.

She is a hunting momma kitty - all "growed" [sic] up from her bad little self that my brother found in May.

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