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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Because I can't bare to take a photo of where she is now...

For a cat that is as vocal and as aggressive as Big Kitty, one must wonder why she can not climb down from trees.

This is the 2nd time she has done this

The 1st was a couple of years ago, during a rainy period, she ends up in a tree, won't move forward or backward. Not so high that we couldn't reach her with a hose - the fall was not pretty, but she was unscathed

Right now, Big Kitty, all 7 years of her bad self, is seriously stuck up a 50+ ft tree, in the very top, hanging over a huge crevasse - putting her a good 100ft above ground

It also happens to have been extremely hot the past few days -

She has been stuck in the tree for 5 days (as of today) and 5 nights, no water, no food, over 100F....

Nothing (I have tried) will bring her down

I have calls in to a tree guy....don't think he can reach her where she is

I am left with nothing to do but wait...and it's horrible

This picture is the epitome of Big Kitty:
She was walking out onto an unstable branch, hanging over the rivers edge, after a huge flood.

I said "Big Kitty..." and before I could even get out the rest "be careful" she turns around and bitches me out.

I have no doubt she is uninjured
I know this cat, I know she will not come down (alive) on her own
I will eat my words (happily) if she does

I'm doing what I can
But figure a bit of virtual encouragement couldn't hurt her....

Big Key-Key
come down
I have tuna
& you have many more years ahead of you.....

Day 5
Tree climber to be here after 7pm tonight
Sub-Q fluids on hand
Big Kitty limply hanging in crook of tree.......

I try calmness

for all you who think that all cats come down....they don't
my vet (their own cat) had one up a tree for 15, that is right, 15 days before he became to weak, dehydrated to hang on....he has lived to tell the story though.

So, maybe, just maybe.....

Later that night....


You just won't believe this story....

A tree climber, never met him before tonight, recommended by my vet, came to our house tonight around 8pm.

Now some of you may be saying "but it's dark at 8pm where you are" and you would be right. He assured me he knew what he was doing....

He carefully, after nearly falling into the crevasse, climbed the tree. All the way up to the swaying in the heavy wind that showed up today, top. I had made a 'tuna rag' for him to carry up, he instead rubbed it all over his gloves. She was meowing her head off at him all the way up.

He calmly sat in the area of her for a few minutes letting her sniff his gloves and talking to her.

Oh yeah, I was holding a flashlight from the ground, an awesome flashlight that The Man bought me for Christmas (I love this light) - that's all the light he had.

He was so far up we had to raise our voices to talk to each other - the whole time I'm hoping all goes well....

It did.

He gets a hold of her and she doesn't fight back at all.
He scoots down the tree and hands her off to me.
I take her and put her in a carrier, hug the guy I have never met, pay him a pittance and head back to the house to check on Big Kitty.

She is amazingly fine, dehydrated, but not to the point of illness.
I give her some Sub-Q fluids, she sat in my lap and purred (not normal) and then I had to head to work. She is safe at home, in her own room with a huge bowl of water.

I will re-evaluate her condition in the morning.

I am utterly amazed at her condition after 5 days of hanging in a tree top in 100F+ temps - amazing

As I knew, she is not injured
& she made no attempt, ever, to come down on her own - only to cry out for help.

I will tell you one thing
If this happens to you, find a 'tree guy' they have this love of climbing, truly
These are the guys who will help you

Special thanks to my caring vets office, Yokayo Vet Center, for going above and beyond and putting me in contact with 'their tree guy' - many of you may remember my little 'cheating on my vet' incident when I went to another vet and found out rather quickly that I was wrong....

I did not get a new photo of her tonight, but I will in later today
To show you how she looks just fine!


This is her cattidude about it all - seriously
Her complete disregard for...

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Jamie said...

Happy to hear the rescue went well. Good thing tree guy didn't hate cats! And thank you Big Kitty for not scratching his face off and sending him into the crevasse! That was very considerate of you Big Kitty.

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