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Friday, October 19, 2007

The littlest

The littlest
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today is 10.19.07
it's friday, my first saturday & it's raining on and off

i decided to try and call the squirrley nutkins even though it was raining.
i took an avocado out and put it in the usual spot and gave a call. . . nothing.

i gave up and came inside to have a spot of tea and go though some more pics from e&j's big day when i heard the oh so familiar sounds (which have been missing for weeks and weeks) of squirrely nutkins running across the roof!!!

This is what we hear every single morning and every single evening of every single day

i jump up and head outside, sure enough the littlest is up on the roof. i went an got some almonds and put them in one half of the avocado and tried to get him to come to me-he bailed off the roof into a lilac bush and raced across the front yard & up the pine tree, where he eyed me the whole time. i put the treat in the tree and went and sat on the porch step-he came right down and let me photograph him- i did not see his big brother, but he never did care for us much.

we are all warm & enjoying a nice fire, wasting time in front of the tv/computer

i hope you all have a lovely weekend

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