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Sunday, October 14, 2007

i survived

See what you missed
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it's sunday night. . .

i'm back :)

i pray that the photos come out half as good as they hoped...
i'm nearly sick to my stomach over the shoot!!!
the best part is. . .
that we all had fun, even though i was tense as tense can be...
never for money will i do this.

the ceremony was the most emotionally felt ceremony i have ever attended. the commitment that this family shares is beyond awesome.

the entire party made my mommy (who had never met any of them) feel welcome. in fact, i had to make my mom go home last night!!! i was exhausted and nervous (your were right kari, to give me that look on thursday-i thought you were crazy-but i realized i am!!!)

stay tuned and be kind as the event unfolds and dominates my photo stream for the next few days.


he big day was saturday. . .
E & J

i'm a tad bet calmer after going though some of the pics. . .or maybe i'm just tired

tell me, what do you think?

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