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Friday, October 19, 2007

After the bat incident

After the bat incident
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ok, so i decided to buy jester, the murdering kitty, a collar with a bell (again) because the birds are coming through.

skip ahead to the next morning with me.
it's 630am and i hear the jingle jingle of jester's collar and the dreaded familiar meow that means a catch has been made.

he trots upstairs and lets loose a live bat!!!!
Our little stowaway

the little jerk!!
i spend the next hour trying to shoo the poor thing out the upstairs balcony door. jester just watched and intermittently chewed on his bell.

once i got the bat outside jester went out for a bit then cried to get back in and promptly took over marlee's bed.
marlee took exception and pawed at him from afar.
he finally left.
then it was time to go to work :)

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