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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"You got food?"

"You got food?"
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meet the newest members of the household. . .

two baby boy tree squirrels-we still don't know what happened to mom or the litter mates, but we found one dead in the river and Cali found these two guys huddled up in a tree in the field.

she is such a good dog. for three days she tried to tell us these boys were there and on the third day chris went with her to the tree and saw something laying there. he waited until i got home that night from work and we walked out there to "check on a sick squirrel" and low and behold it's two babies. they were about 6-7 weeks old and in pretty good shape. we left them for another four hours without going anywhere near them-mom never showed up, so that evening (after much contemplation and research online) we brought them in.

they are growing and doing fine-they have been with us for nearly three weeks now. one is smaller than the other and he takes the heat from big brother-including body part suckling-so yesterday we separated them in cages that butt up to one another. little boy's "body parts" are starting to look a bit more normal and less infected today :-)

we don't handle them or hang out with them except to feed them. they have taken over the big bathroom and are becoming more and more active everyday. we hope to be able to release them and hope they do okay. we have so much to worry about with our cats and dogs and neighbors that we are torn - the little one is so calm and nice, while his big brother is much more aggressive and "wild" like.

they are eating soft foods and semi solids now, such as carrots, pine nuts, walnuts, apple, and they LOVE avocado.

i still let them suck on milk twice a day-especially the little squirrely boy.

we will have to wait and see if they start to build a nest and how soon before they crack nuts on their own. so far, they seem to doing really well

enjoy the boys everyone~


Anonymous said...

Jane says i hate squirrels , not true. I just don't like them in my yard and i do brake for squirrels.
I do have a squirrel story to tell you at lunch some day. Mr.Bob

Hotash said...

it works-yay!
thanks mr bob
see my latest email to your lady :)

Bonanzle!!! with me & my daddy

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