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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The blues

The blues, originally uploaded by Hotash.

Mr. Peeps meowed at the back door yesterday afternoon- too weak to push through the kitty door.

Chris let him out. He sat on the porch for awhile then headed off.
Chris had to go back to work....Mr. Peeps did not come home last night.

I have checked his spots around the house...and under the porches...down by the river...he has taken himself somewhere else.

In the past two weeks he has continued to weaken and not eat much and I knew his time was near this past week.

I have to admit that I feel very bad about not being with him...but I can assure you that he would not have wanted to be kept indoors and he was most content doing his own was probably best I was not there to bother his death process.

He will be greatly missed as he was a very friendly, loving kitty, who always wanted to be near you on his terms. His most amazing feat was his ability to jump from a sitting position directly in front of you, to your chest and then to your shoulders without ever once scratching you. He also loved to sleep on top of you, your highest spot was his perch.

Mr. Peeps was picked - scratch that - he picked us up at the local pound. He had been living there for well over 6 months. He had been left abandoned (along with another cat who I believe had been adopted) in an apartment. He came home with us back in 2005 and he was never happier than when we moved to the country house (aside from the ride there) where he could hunt and stay outside until he wanted to come in.

We will miss his happy voice around the house.

Peace to Peeps

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