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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The ta-da-da-da chair

The ta-da-da-da chair, originally uploaded by Hotash.

it's been with me since around the time that Volkswagon commercial aired on TV.

it was lovingly picked up off the sidewalk in downtown Lakeport, CA by
Auri's Daddy Everyone should be this happy at midnight! &
her Ukki. The size of life

It was in nice shape, a bit broke down, and an alarming maroon color but did not (unlike the commercial) stink.

When I was living alone and Rain R a i n - 300mm Portrait had to be left home alone for LONG periods of time she lovingly chewed this chair to shreds-well the arms at any rate. I love this chair - I don't know why....

It now lives in the upstairs bedroom and the dogs all take turns sleeping in it-no one chews on it anymore....

until the little evil ones 5 days old arrived.


They are systematically de-stuffing this poor chair. They proudly carry around big chunks of cotton stuffing and growl at each other.

Everyday I wake up to a huge mess of stuffing and four happy little sleeping kittens piled next to or on top of me.

They look at me and yawn in their cute little kitten way so I can not be mad.

Sweet Miss Merci May
I mean really who can be?

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