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Sunday, November 16, 2008

We are 8

We are 8
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weeks old!!!!!!

we demand your full attention and all your love

another milestone reached.

at 8 weeks old the Thank You's are all eating a raw diet of ground fish, chicken & vegetables (hissy fit from Feed This, Inc,) mixed with water and rice cereal on occasion. They also get some yogurt here and there still. Today was the last day they got any kitten milk re-placer. By next week they will be on full raw without any problems. Asante already loves the quail ;)

They are all good about using the kitty litter box now.

We started sleeping upstairs again finally.....I missed my bed so much, the downstairs bed has nothing over my lovely FloBed!!! The first few nights I took the kitty box upstairs (it's two flights) and of course worried they would fall through the railing when playing. Turns out they have a healthy fear of the edge so all has been well. This week, no kitty box upstairs. When they wake up in the morning/day/night- so do I, and we all go downstairs for a box visit- it's working great.

The play skills they have are awesome- they run, jump, leap, roll, tumble, carry, and climb with ease. They can really follow an object well now and one of the most fun games they play is king of the scratching's second only to "try and get me out of the kleenex box" - so far Merci is the queen of the kleenex box.

Bramble sleeps with them all and she eats with them too-she has really taken to playing with them nicely.

More on Bramble later....

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