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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Thank YOU's

The Thank YOU's
Originally uploaded by Hotash

Kitten #1 = Takk
Light Black & Gray Tabby - Male

Kitten #2 = Kiitos
Dark Black & White tabby - Male

Kitten #3 = Asante
Black w/White stripe on belly - Male

Kitten #4 = Merci
Very light Grey & White stripped - Female

All names mean THANK YOU in different languages

ps-sex is approximate :)

All four, less than three (3) day old kittens, came to be with us around 10pm September 17th while I was working.

They were found by a co-worker (whom I've never met before tonight) in a neighboring town. She went out to put her garbage out for garbage day. When she lifted the lid to her can she found someone had dumped all four kittens in her garbage can!!!!

She drove them the 30 minutes south to me at work where I have been bringing up their temperature with warm water bottles and a fuzzy jacket. They were all very cold when I took them over. It's 3 hours later....they are warm and all 4 have nursed some Pedialyte & kitten milk. I hope it is enough, soon enough....

Only time will tell.

Welcome to the herd you four.

A great big THANK YOU to the creep who dumped these babies.
I guess you weren't counting on people who cared....

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