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Sunday, September 28, 2008


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it all started yesterday...his appetite dropped off and continued to wane until he had none.

by the time we got home around 230am he refused any food and was hot. Within an hour he was showing more signs of illness.

I took his temperature - it was 102.5F - high for his age (should be 96-100F) - he had thick, sticky saliva and was just too weak to do anything.

I started him on antibiotics and tried to get a tiny bit of Pedialyte into him- no go.

By 5am I was convinced his time was very near. He could not lift/hold his head up, his breathing was forced, his lips were blue and his feet were cold.

I diluted a drop of Rescue Remedy in some cool Pedialyte and put a drop in his mouth.

He was resting with me, away from everyone else in a warm spot in the bed. I told him I was sorry and just re-assured him it was ok. I turned him from side to side every 30 minutes or so to help with his breathing- he rested quietly, too weak to cry much. I would rub down his little nose to the top of his head and he would purr, we did this until I fell asleep.

I tried to sleep...hoping the antibiotics would give him a kick start back. At the next scheduled feeding he still wasn't able to nurse well, however he rooted and tried to nurse my finger- the fluid was just too much for him.

I took a tiny dropper and put some warm Pedialyte with a few drops of milk - he took about three (very small dropper) full droppers. Then refused anymore, pushing away and crying loudly. He is going to the bathroom ok and had been eating fine, if not possibly too much (which can be a problem).

This could be many things...but whatever it is, he's fighting it.

I gave him a second dose of antibiotics this afternoon and managed to give him 1ml of subcutaneous fluids -that was hard to do!!! He has nursed and taken Pedialyte milk 3 times's 10pm and I'm here to say that Kiitos is a strong little boy- He pulled up from deaths door at 3am to crawling and nursing and over-all a bit better by 10.

...I'm exhausted to be honest...and it's time to feed and poo everyone again.

BUT, today we have hope...again.

"Where's that bottle?  I can smell it!!!"

"Oh, I think I ate too much...again!"

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