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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Goodbye Douina

Douina's Day -1, originally uploaded by Hotash.

Douina - Female/4.5yrs
Born late 2003 - Came to live with us New Years Eve 2003

Left us May 31, 2008 after what was a short (obvious signs started Friday) bout of acute Congestive heart failure.

We believe she has been battling Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy for at least the past few months if not her entire life.

Douina's Day -7

The first signs
Happiness is a warm...

Douina was found (by my brother) scrounging food from dumpsters behind a local eatery.

Douina will let you pet her only if you tell her "Douina, I'm going to pet you" - and then she will only put up with it for a few seconds. With that said you can go nowhere without her being there-

Occasionally she gets *lost* and will cry out until you tell her where you are and she comes running!

Douina's Day -11

Douina's Day -13

Douina & Rain today....

Special thanks goes to my good, dear friend Bev - the talk and the input on which way to turn - thanks
To my man - thank you for sitting with us until the end.

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