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Monday, April 07, 2008

Watchdog Marlee

Watchdog, originally uploaded by Hotash.

Her latest watchdog event is this...(which wasn't funny the 1st time it happened and I was home alone)

Every night when I head upstairs to bed I flip the stair lights on...well, the other night Marlee freaked out and started barking and ran to the back door and jumped up on the door looking out the window panes at god knows what...I stall a moment and listen...the other dogs are not reacting at all. I figure it must be a deaf moment for her and I have to lead her by the collar (rather quickly I might add - as one can never be too sure- she is after all a great watchdog) upstairs to bed.

The next night...the same exact thing, only she doesn't hit the back door and isn't quite as animated. I stop and really look this time. When I start to turn, I see movement in the back door window glass...and I realize that every single night, Marlee is the only one who sees the person in the back window!!! Me!!!

She has came to understand that nobody else is concerned with the person in the window, but she still looks and makes sure they don't come inside each night.

This is one of my fave shots of Marlee -for one she has all of her hair!! that means the thyroid medicine is working well, but mostly it's because the look is how I see Marlee happy - she enjoys many little things that others forget, like the scent of the wind.

Hope you enjoy the story :)

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Just Plain Jane said...

That's a great story and I'm glad you solved the mystery of the back door intruder. Give Marlee a pat on the head for me.

Bonanzle!!! with me & my daddy

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