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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Originally uploaded by Hotash.
This is the most beautiful girl... She just spent her first "summer" with me. She is smart and quick. I already miss her muchly...


Koreen Billman said...


Hi! I was wondering if I could use your bumble bee photo with the golden face and reddish background for a gift box company I am forming online. One box is called "Caffeine Buzz" and I'd love to use your photo as a play on the word "Buzz."

Is your photo free for use? I love it!

My web page is not finalized yet. Soon.

Please email me to let me know if I could use your photo as the logo for that gift basket.

It's beautiful.

I'm just a regular gal like you, except we have 3 kids and 1 dog!


Koreen Billman
104-R NC Hwy. 54 W. Byp., #335
Carrboro, NC 27510

Koreen Billman said...

Koreen Billman

Bonanzle!!! with me & my daddy

"James" by Ysabella Brave